Saturday, February 9, 2013


-Have the girls share about last time’s challenge…

*Throughout the week notice the divine qualities of someone in your family and share those with them.*

-Ask the young women to think about and share any righteous choices they have made in the past and how those decisions bless their lives now.
-Deciding to get married in the temple
-Having kids

-Then ask them to name a choice they made before they were born. How has this choice affected their lives?

-VIDEO- “We lived with God”

-READ the Bible definition for the War in Heaven

-QUOTE #1  It was my father who taught me about the premortal life. He explained that long ago you and I were born as daughters in our Heavenly Father’s family. We made sacred decisions there that have influenced what we are doing now. When I was younger, my grandfather gave me a blessing. He blessed me that I would “continue my ministry here that I had so nobly performed there.” Now, if I had a ministry in the premortal existence, then so did you. It is not by chance that you were born now, in this season of the world’s history. Each one of you was a valiant and noble woman in your premortal life.- Sis. Carol B. Thomas

-Read aloud “The Family proclamation”

-QUOTE #2  The doctrines of the restored gospel create a wonderful and “unique feminine identity that encourages women to develop their abilities” as true and literal daughters of God. Through serving in the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary organizations—not to mention their private acts of love and service—women have always played and will always play an important part in helping “Bring forth and establish the cause of Zion” - Pres. Uchtdorf 

-VIDEO- “Jesus heals a woman of faith”

-QUOTE #3  There is a saying that big gates move on small hinges. Sisters, your example in seemingly small things will make a big difference in the lives of our young people. The way you dress and groom yourselves, the way you talk, the way you pray, the way you testify, the way you live every day will make the difference. This includes which TV shows you watch, which music you prefer, and how you use the Internet. If you love to go to the temple, the young people who value your example will also love to go. If you adapt your wardrobe to the temple garment and not the other way around, they will know what you consider important, and they will learn from you. - Pres. Uchtdorf

- Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a avirtuous bwoman? for her price is far above rubies.

-QUOTE #4  May I invite you to rise to the great potential within you. But don’t reach beyond your capacity. Don’t set goals beyond your capacity to achieve. Don’t feel guilty or dwell on thoughts of failure. Don’t compare yourself with others. Do the best you can, and the Lord will provide the rest. Have faith and confidence in Him, and you will see miracles happen in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The virtue of your own life will be a light to those who sit in darkness, because you are a living witness of the fulness of the gospel. –Pres. Uchtdorf

* CHALLENGE- Complete Individual Worth value #1 *

Most of my quotes came from
This talk called "Understanding Our True Identity" by Carol B. Thomas
This talk called "The Influence of Righteous Women" by Pres. Uchtdorf

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